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Jan 15, 2012 · Fix for Poor Lagging desktop graphics performance in Ubuntu. ... Linux Tip | How to Improve Performance for VirtualBox VMs ... Linus Torvalds On Future Of Desktop Linux - Duration ...

From lxadm | Linux administration tips, tutorials, HOWTOs and articles Jump to: navigation , search If you have a hardware RAID controller using mptsas module on your Linux server, you may notice your write performance is extremely poor – i.e. some database workloads can be 30x slower than on other servers (i.e. using Linux software RAID).

Re: Poor flash video (hulu performance) and full screen stuck issue The cause is general flash player crappyness on linux, even for a relatively small video it can tax a high end cpu. About not being able to exit fullscreen, I have no idea whatsoever of what might be the problem. Jun 19, 2014 · This is interesting – as I often get asked by people about what they can do to ensure the best performance when running Linux on Hyper-V. For a bit of background here – Linux utilizes a number of techniques to try and get the best performance out of your storage (you can read all about this if you do a search on “Linux IO elevator” ).

Flash performance is dependent on the flash player and the video driver your computer uses.   Flash player is generally slower in linux than in windows.   This is probably due to adobe's priorities.   Heck, for a long time linux only had flash 7 while windows had flash 9 and many sites used flash 8. Are you interested in ECU tuning, and free off-the-shelf performance tune files? We are exploring development and tuning opportunities for this exciting platform. For that, we are asking our customer base to help us continue this exploration by lending us your vehicle as we take a dive into ECU read/write and protocol development. I'm using a gen2 Ubuntu 17.10 VM on Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2016. The performance has been poor to the point of being unusable. There's not a lot else going on in the host and the VM is consistently writing a lot of data to it's VHDX file. You can experience poor video performance using Adobe Flash Player if you have low network bandwidth or lower than recommended hardware requirements. Symptoms can include: Choppy audio or video playback Poor NVME SSD Performance (only on Linux) Ask Question Asked 1 month ago. Viewed 143 times 0. I'm using the dual boot for Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. ... Poor memcpy performance in user space for mmap'ed physical memory in Linux. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. ... Poor memcpy Performance on Linux.