Oyerinde value relevance

Value relevance concept is a market-based form of accounting research that seeks to unearth how much change in share value could be explained by issued accounting information such as earnings, the book value of equity etc. According to Barth et al., value relevance test is one

VALUE RELEVANCE OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION OF LISTED INDUSTRIAL GOODS FIRMS IN NIGERIA Abstract Activities in the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in the past years show that the Nigerian Industrial Goods firms is one of the sectors that contributed to the drop in the Nigerian Stock Exchange Turnover Ratio from 21.86% in 2008 to 13.26% in 2009, attributing to the decline in stock prices.. Therefore... book value is weak, otherwise they feature relatively the same explanatory power. Other investigations which underscore the criticality of dividends alongside earnings and book value include that of Oyerinde (2011) who investigated the value relevance of financial statement information in the Nigerian capital market. The study sought to

Oyerinde D.T.,(2009), “Value relevance of accounting information in emerging stock market in Nigeria”, Proceedings of the 10th Annual International Conference. International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD),Uganda. (2007) studied the value relevance of accounting information in Norway's Capital Market within 1965-2004. They claimed that the value relevance of accounting information during this period has not decreased and changing from European-Continental model to American-British had positive impact on value relevance of financial value- relevance of accounting information in the nigerian stock market. by. oyerinde, dorcas titilayo . cugp040120. a thesis in the department of accounting, submitted to the school of postgraduate studies, covenant university, ota, nigeria. in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of doctor of philosophy (ph.d) in accounting ...

defined the term value relevance the same way as it was stated by previous researcher including Beisland (2009) and Oyerinde (2006). 2.2. Previous study on value relevance of accounting information in India. Previous study on the value relevance of accounting information of book value, earnings and dividend on the This study determined the value relevance of assets and liabilities after the adoption of IFRS among listed Nigerian firms. Ohlson Model (1995) model of stock price regressions tested the relationship between assets and liabilities with the stock price, which has been widely adopted by accounting researchers.