Mathematica region plot

Contour and surface plots in Mathematica. Mathematica can make very nice contour and surface plots of three-dimensional functions such as z = z(x, y). The commands that generate these plots are ContourPlot and Plot3D for contour and surface plots, respectively. These commands have the same basic form, although there are more "options" for ...

Sep 09, 2014 · Using Parametric Plots to plot particle trajectories and surfaces in Mathematica. Also, using the "Manipulate" function. I am trying to plot vectors in mathematica, some 2d and some 3d. Is there a way to do this? I Need the coordinate axes and an arrow head on a line basically. Thanks, Blake

I can set limit of integration for this integral to find out the volume but i can not picture it out in mathematica. I am totally new to mathematica. I need in complete detail, how to plot the region of integration in cylindrical polar coordinates in mathematica! The following animation shows a slider on top, which can be dragged in the real case - the plot is then updated accordingly. - see the wiki for more examples Regions Plot / Contours A Region Plot draws those regions, where the given equality, inequality or set of them is true.

Plotting Functions The simplest way to plot a function is by invoking the Plot function in Mathematica: Plot[f[x],{x,xmin,xmax}] The inputs inside the curly braces tell the Plot function the independent variable and its minimum and maximum values respectively. To plot more than one function at once, hand Plot a list of functions: Aug 10, 2011 · Here’s a plot highlighting the region satisfying both sin(x) y and x π/2: Between Show , options like GridLines and Epilog , and all of Mathematica ‘s built-in graphics functions , you have a lot of flexibility when creating custom visualizations.