Macromolecule that acts as a waterproofing molecule

Also known as polypeptides, these large organic molecules have many roles within living cells. They are part of cell membranes, act as enzymes in cellular reactions, and are vital molecules of our immune system, protecting us from invading microbes. Proteins are composed of monomers called amino acids joined together with peptide bonds.

Intercellular Macromolecular Transport The main focus of Dr. Fritz Kragler's group is the characterization of the transport mechanism and function of proteins and RNA molecules moving between cells and via the phloem vasculature to distant plant parts.

7. Cut and paste three nucleotides together in one single stranded RNA molecule. You may use A, C, G, or U to build this molecule. There should NOT be any T bases in RNA. 8. Glue them on your answer sheet in the appropriate place and answer the questions. PROTEINS Proteins are macromolecules that contain nitrogen as well as carbon, hydrogen ...

What is the name of the macromolecule that is composed of amino acids and functions to allow cells to communicate, repair tissues, and enhance immunity. Proteins. What type of molecule can break down other molecules during bodily processes such as digestion. In other words, lipids are hydrophobic, making them useful in cellular membranes and waterproof coverings as well as other biological purposes including energy storage and chemical communication. As macromolecules, lipids are composed of two types of monomers: a glycerol "head" with numerous fatty acid "tails". Orders of protein structure: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. Alpha helix and beta pleated sheet.